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Music – 1987 – Lost In A Fury Of Waves And Cluster – Who Ya Gonna Call – Wave Busters


To date, I have not been able to obtain the identity of the two guys who hosted The Unofficial Baseball Handbook…..other than his 1st name is jim…..but the brunette seen in this video here with….but both had great senses of humor…..evidenced by this clip….and being an accredited Sportsphile…..I get it….there are a bunch of fans that don’t want to be a part of The Wave…..cuz it has nothin to do with the game….it has to do with fans who are not into the game….but rather are into being at the game. 

Anyway, this video is absolutely brilliant….for there is not a person in the world that doesn’t relate and react to “Who ya gonna call?”…..and this Ghostbusters parody…..is simply a “nugget of pure gold” in our ImaSportsphile library…..cuz we love Wavebusters!!!

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