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Music – 1987 – MLB Novelty Song – Wave Busters – Lost In A Fury Of Waves So Who Are You Gonna Call

Every now and then, we get a video that rolls up to be posted which doesn’t offer any type of research assistance….cuz nothing has been written in regards to the subject material of that video….so, that is when we get to do some “creative writing” ….so, here goes, cuz this video is one of those. 

The video is an excerpt from a 1987 television special by the name of The Unofficial Baseball Handbook…. which was hosted by Sean Mooney….who has a “slightly tilted” sense of humor…..which shows up often throughout this television special….as evidenced by his attempt to describe what a baseball fan does when they are “lost in a sea of the wave” at the ballpark….while he provides his own rendition of “Wave Busters” in a paraphrase of the famous song “Who You Gonna Call, Ghostbusters” from the movie of the same name…..which just happens to be pretty funny….and well worth the price of admission.

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