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Music – 1987 – Sing Along Song – My Old Kentucky Home – Sang At 113th Running Of The Kentucky Derby

The 1987 Kentucky Derby was the 113th running of the Kentucky Derby….as the race took place on May 2, 1987…..with 130,532 people in attendance,,,,,and carried in its entirety by ABC Sports….in a race that was won by Alysheba with jocky Chris McCarron in the saddle in a time of 2:03.40….while Bet Twice came in 2nd (Place position)….as Avies Copy placed 3rd (Show position). 

In this video seen herewith….the viewer gets to “follow the bouncing ball” and sing along to the music of ‘My Old Kentucky Home”……which is played while being sung by virtually the entire crowd as the field of horses and their jockeys are coming on the track from the paddocks….while heading to the starting gates…..as the song is an anti-slavery ballad written and composed in 1852 by Stephen Foster…..which was published in January 1853 by Firth, Pond, & Co. of New York.  Foster was likely inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin….with imagery witnessed on his visits to the Bardstown, Kentucky  farm called Federal Hill.

This particular video brings back some wonderful memories to our Bone Daddy, the original sportsphile, who grew up in Midland, Texas and went through school with one of the owners of Alysheba, Pamela Scharbauer…..who won the race with her mother Dorothy….as Bone Daddy knew the entire family cuz in addition to going through school with Pamela, they also attended the First Baptist Church in Midland every Sunday during the time he was living in Midland…..all of which is evidence to the fact that a viewer of any video in our extensive library here at ImaSportsphile just never knows when something in the video triggers a vivid memory from the past. 

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