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Music – 1987 – Songs of the Funnies – With Hostess Loni Anderson – On Those Fabulous Funnies TV Show

The television special Those Fabulous Funnies….which was hosted by actress Loni Anderson….provided a wonderful inside look at the history and world of The Funnies…..which were known as the comic strips in the newspapers around the USA….as it covered the genre of The Funnies from the 1920’s until 1987…. when this tv special was aired.  The Funnies was originally the name of two American publications from Dell Publishing….with the first of these a seminal 1920’s precursor of comic books….and the second a standard 1930’s comic book…..as both were instrumental in the development of what became an American tradition on Sunday morning…..where most folks got their Sunday morning newspaper….and the first thing they would typically read was the funnies / comic stips. 

As seen in this video herewith….Loni Anderson introduces the music of the funnies….as she morphs into the comic stip character of Daisy Mae from Lil Abner….as she joins the most notable comic strip characters of the past 50 years for a song from the funnies to welcome viewers to the show.

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