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Music – 1987 – Those Zany Goofy Sports Fans – With Highlights Of Sports Fans Dressed Up For The Game

One of the great things about attending a live sporting event is not only the game itself…..but also, the dress garb, signs and demeanor of the fans that attend each event…..for there is as much to see in the stands as there is on the fields of play….cuz sports fans are “zany, goofy and down right outrageous to look at”…..and the truth be known….the less interesting the game becomes…..the more outrageous the fans become…..so, the show shifts from the game to the fans in the stands. 

A perfect example of this concept is seen in this video herewith…..wherein a matter of just over one minute, the viewer gets a pretty good visual understanding of just how “zany and goofy” fans can be.

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