Music – 1989 – Disney Animation Sing Along Song – The Green With Envy Blues – With Ludwig Von Drake

Without question…..our favorite Disney Sing Along Songs character here at ImaSportsphile is Ludwig von Drake…..for in the 1989 Disney Animation Fun With Music production….Ludwig has two very memorable songs that you can sing with…..The Blue Danube Waltz….in which his rendition isn’t Sing Along but rather Snore Along….and it is hillarous….and equally as outstanding is Ludwig von Drake’s performance in the video seen herewith…..Green With Envy Blues …..cuz any way you cut the pie….this is great stuff while being wonderful animation.

Professor Ludwig Von Drake is one of Walt Disney’s cartoon and comic book characters…..who was first introduced on September 24, 1961….as the presenter and singer of “The Spectrum Song” in the cartoon An Adventure in Color….which was part of the first episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on NBC. Said to be an uncle of Donald Duck….von Drake is described as a scientist, lecturer, psychologist and world traveler….as the character displayed his “expert” knowledge on a variety of subjects in eighteen episodes of the classic anthology series….as well as on a number of Disneyland Records.

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