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Music – Carlos Montoya – The Guitar Master And His Music


In the hundreds of music videos of great vintage musicians that I have posted on this site….I have to say that this clip of classical guitar mastery performed by Carlos Montoya…along with another of his clips….rate as some of the finest music that have ever heard or seen performed.

I have received comments from viewers of this clip like…..”it makes me cry”….”guitar mastery of the highest order”….”the speed of his fingers and the clarity of his notes are not of this Earth”…..which bring great joy to this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….with the daunting task of posting my Bone Daddy’s entire 2300 hours of vintage sports, comedy and music….for the simple reason that when one of thess videos touches the emotions and souls of folks who simply are moved by the artistry of this classical guitar master….to the degree that they take the time to write their thoughts in comments back to me for posting this piece.

Listening to Carlos Montoya is play the guitar is a good as it gets….for when you mute the sound and just watch his fingers as they move along the neck of his classical guitar….you are amazed….and when you add the sound and watch his fingers….you are amazed….simply amazed.

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