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Music Comedy – Martin Mull – I’ve Played Some Shitholes Before, But This Takes The Cake & I Want To Be God


Martin Mull has been entertaining folks on stage, in film and on television for the better part of 50 years since his first stage performance in 1970….for he is truly a talented person….having gained acclaim for his songwriting, his stand-up comedy, his television sitcom comedy and his unique roles in Hollywood movies.

What has always stood out to this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile is his somewhat twisted but exceptionally funny songs that he has written and performed in many of his live comedy stage perfomances….as evidenced by this clip herewith where he sings two (2) of his original song…..I’ve Played Some Shitholes Before, But This One Takes The Cake and I Want To Be God….and although is humor is a bit edgy….it still brings on a wonderful side-splitting belly laugh that stays with you for a long time….which makes this video well worth watching.

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