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Music – Jerry Jeff Walker – Cryin Like I’m 1st One To Go & Comfort And Crazy & Pick Up The Tempo


Any time that an Austin City Limits music video rolls up as the next video to post here at Ima Sportsphile….it really turns up the heat of my passion for posting this wonderful video herewith….cuz it brings back some very special memories to my Bone Daddy….memories of Big John and Tomas….two local Austin musicians who were in the process of becoming AUSTIN’S FINEST….who just happened to be like all musicians….BROKE…..so, they lived in a rent house that Bone Daddy had on the East Side of town….out on the corner of Riverside Drive and Hgy 71…..where there were two houses on a 2 acre trac. Big John Mainge, bass player extraordinaire…..rented the front house…..and Tomas Rameriz, sax player “in a class of his own”….who could play any genre of music….with any band….and that is what he did by playing with the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker…..as seen in this video herewith….for Tomas was a member of Jerry Jeff Band for a long time….where he was playing country and western / pop….but it did not matter what kind of music, Tomas could play it…..evidenced by the bands he recorded with including Carole King, Christopher Cross, Jerry Jeff Walker, Beto y Los Fairlanes, Lost Gonzo Band, Big Dieq, The Explosices, Calvin Russel, Kimmie Rhodes, Texanna Dames, The Grandmothers and Johnny Gimble.  

Tomas Rameriz is a true Texas music legend….beloved by his home of Austin, TX…..a place where music is a way of life….and this video with Tomas playing with Jerry Jeff Walker reminds this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile of just how fond Bone Daddy (the original Sportsphile) was of Tomas Rameriz…..cuz for me, I remember how Bone Daddy always said “collecting rent from broke musicians was always kinda enjoyable….cuz you got to sit on the front porch and listen to Tomas play beautiful sax licks….while waiting for the check to come in the mail.”  

Any way you cut the pie….this Jerry Jeff Walker video is a classic….as dang near every Austin City Limits concert we have in our music library….which makes this well worth the watch…..but to me and Bone Daddy….seeing Tomas blow that horn just makes it priceless.



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