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Music – Johnny Gimble & Texas Swing Pioneers – Jesse Polka & Just Cuz You Think You Are So Pretty


Of all the incredible vintage music videos that I have posted in the Music Section at Imasportsphile….including some awesome performances by some awesome artist (Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson and so much more)….the two videos of Johnny Gimble and the Texas Swing Pioneers including this video herewith)…..are probably this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s favorites….cuz I am a sucker for Texas Swing music….especially when the group features twin legendary fiddlers like Johnny Gimble and Cliff Bruner…. swing guitar master Eldon Chandler….fidler, pianist and singer J. R. Chatwell….dixieland and swing guitar master Zeke Campbell….steel guitarist Deacon Anderson….swing pianist Curly Honsworth…..electric guitarist Kenny Frazier and et al….and I hear a sound that just causes my body to begin “butt rockin”….for these old cats were truly The Swing Pioneers….as they cut a trail across Texas from the early 1930’s to the end of the 21st Century….playing in “honky tonk bars” in dang near every small town in The Lone Star State…..leaving lifelong fans in their path.

This video feature Cliff Bruner and Johnny Gimble playing Bruner’s Jesse Polka….which had been #1 at the top of the country charts in the mid-1940’s….followed by J. R. “Chat the Cat” Chatwell singing “Just Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone”…..with this video finishing off with Johnny Gimble singing “Just Because You Think You’re So Pretty”….which is a definite all time favorite of mine.

As far as I am concerned….this video is a rare treasure that features some of the all time best Texas swing musicians long after their best years had past….and yet they still made awesome music….so, click and see if you don’t agree with me….for you just might find that you too are “butt rockin”.


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