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Music – Roger Miller – Old Friends With Willie Nelson


The beautiful parts of music have the capacity to touch the very soul of every HUMAN on this Earth…..in such a way that soothes and heals…..and when folks get to experience some of those beautiful parts of music….that moment and memory becomes suspended in the minds of those who shared the moment for eternity.

In every performance of each and every entertainer’s program….be it the athlete….the comedian ….or the musician….all have had one of those beautiful moments which isn’t planned, but happens spontaneously…..a moment that puts its stamp on the event forever.

From the perspective of one who has the task of viewing and documenting the 2300 hours of sports, comedy and music videos that I have to post on this site….it becomes poignantly obvious when I see a master of a God given talent appreciate the interpretation of the byproduct of that talent…..as seen in this incredible music video in which there is a beautiful moment shared….when the master song writer Roger Miller….hears the interpretation of the master singer / musician Willie Nelson….for if you look for the moment when Miller exuberantly has a “fist-pump YEAH” moment….which happens as he spontaneously hears one of his songs being played by another master….one of those beautiful parts of music

When these two separate individual masters of their God given talent co-create together…..magic and beautiful parts happen…..so, the question becomes……have you mastered your God given talent?…..if so, you have arrived at happiness on this Earth….if not, it is never too late to start….and maybe one day, you can interpret another masters work in the same way as Willie Nelson’s guitar riffs and voice interpretations of Roger Miller’s song “Old Friends” as seen in this video herewith.



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