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Music – The Blues Brothers – I Got Everything I Need, Almost & Trying to Get Next To You


There will be often times that I write about a subject that is near and dear to my heart….and this is one of those times….cuz this video brings this subject to the surface once again….as it is one of the very few clips from my extensive vintage Saturday Night Live library that I have to choose from to post…..cuz Youtube doesn’t allow my posts from my very extensive vintage Saturday Night Live video collection for reasons of potential “copyright infringement”….as this specific subject has been an ever present companion of the content in my 2300 hrs. of vintage sports, comedy and music (that’s what we’re currently posting on this webpage)…..cuz any way you cut the pie…..by the same standards that Youtube won’t allow my SNL library to be posted….they have on the other hand allowed literally millions of recorded content that was recorded on recording devices like the Sony Betamax that my library was recorded on….which brings to mind a simple and obvious question…..”If the program providers allow recording devices to be sold to the public….allowing Joe Public to buy and then at his or her discretion ….record whatever original program that they were recording…..while legally paying for the reception of the signal from the provider of the signal (Time Warner, Direct TV , etc)?!?….so, at what point does the original provider’s right to copyright become actual infringement?

All I can say is this regarding this whole “copyright infringement” challenge it this…..Bone Daddy was the person who was responsible for the recording of the content that we are posting on this webpage….as he would replay the “recorded programs” that he taped on a continuim basis throughout the hours of operation in his sports bar….and for 17 years….he would frequently receive a typed letter from CBS or ABC or TNT or any number of other “content providers” back in the day….with each letter being in regards to potential “copyright infringement”…..and as Bone Daddy continued to replay his recorded content…..he came to the opinion that the bottom line reason that he never heard back from any of the “content providers” was becasue a the very core of “copyright infringement” laws in the USA is language regarding “profiting from recorded content” …..which simply could not be proved in regard to Bone Daddy’s bar profiting from showing any video with copyright protection…..because the products that his client’s paid for was “hot dogs and cold beer”…..and for these very reasons…..when Youtube doesn’t allow a recorded program such as a vintage Saturday Night Live clip…..it is an act of “covering their ass”….cuz once again juat like back in Bone Daddy’s day…..there is NO PROFIT being made here.

The truth be known…..Dan Akroyd and John Belushi …..The Blues Brothers…..were not only comedic geniuses of the rarest kind…..but they were also enormous lovers of the American music known as The Blues….better than average musicians…..and incredible entertainers…..which creates a dilema for this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile who is of the opinion that my vintage Saturday Night Live collection deserves to be posted…..cuz Belushi and Akroyd were AWESOME together…..as evidenced by this clip of music by The Blues Brothers. 



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