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Music – The Rolling Stones – 1981 Live At The Rose Bowl


Towards the end of the decade of the 1970’s….the Rolling Stones began to receive criticisms by the quality of their works because they did not reach the acceptance that had their productions of principles of the decade….as they were considered an “obsolete” band in the heat of the punk music….and In the midst of the criticism….they released their next full length album Some Girls on June 9, 1978….which climbed straight to the top of the world charts and became their best-selling album to date in the United States….where with the rest of the world the album topped 10 million units sold…..which was Inspired by punk and disco music….as this recording contained fast songs with cynical lyrics and strong social criticism….but also their usual dose of misogyny and racism….which triggered strong clashes with various sectors of color in North America. Between October 1977 and March 1978 at Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris….they featured the singles “Miss You”, “Beast of Burden”, “Respectable” in the United Kingdom and “Shattered” in the United States….which were among the top 40 radio stations in the UK and the United States. Nevertheless “Miss You”, a funk / blues song written by Jagger for the model Jerry Hall that ended up sounding like a disco song, which was consecrated like the maximum success of the production to being the unique simple and to date….the last one of his career, to stand at the top of the Billboard. The reviews of the specialized critics were remarkably favorable….as they emphasized their agile, simple and well-managed guitar compositions….and their intention to match the new genres of fashion, disco and punk. The critic Robert Christgau labeled it “his best album since Exile on Main St.”….then In the middle of the year they embarked on a tour of America….highlighted by a performance on the Saturday Night Live television program….which is another video featured found in our Imasportsphile vintage video library….where Mick Jagger licks Ron Wood’s lips in front of the live New York City audience….then at the end of August they returned to the RCA studios in Los Angeles to record some models for their next album.

Entering a new decade of the 1980’s….and The Stones publish their Emotional Rescue on June 20, 1980….which was the very day of the release was released as a single “Emotional Rescue”….which was quickly picked up and played among all the most popular radio stations….as It reached # 3 in the Hot 100 of Billboard….plus, the album was well received by the public and debuted at the top of the charts….by entering number eight on the Billboard Hot 200….and just one week later would skyrocket to #1…where it remained for seven weeks.ding the promotional issues of the album. 

Early in 1981 they decided to re-record the Emotional Rescue album… but to their surprise, producer Chris Kimsey opted to collect the discards from their last five albums….which he felt was due to the poor time spent by Jagger and Richards on the albums….so, they released “Start Me Up”….then the theme reggae of Black And Blue….which they discarded in exchange for Some Girls,… followed by Tattoo You on August 24th. The single quickly rose to the top of the charts….reaching # 1 in Australia….#2 two in the United States….#7 in Britain….while leading the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks for thirteen consecutive weeks. After releasing hit singles “Waiting On A Friend”.and “Beast Of Burden”…., as they began their American journey tour which culminated at The Rose Bowl live concert…..,evidenced by this historical live concert seen in its entirety herewith…..including the incredible version of The Star Spangled Banner and fireworks display….then they released Still Life (American Concert 1981)….which was accompanied by the cut “Going to a Go-Go”….which became their recording of what was thought to be their last tour in America…but folks, The Stones have performed live concerts 8 times since the 1981 US Tour as follows….1989/90 Steel Wheels / Urban Jungle Tour….1994/95 Voodoo Lounge Tour….1997/98 Bridges of Babylon….2002/03 No Licks Tour….2005/07 A Bigger Bang Tour….2012/13 50 & Counting Tour….2013 Zip Code Tour….and Fall 2016 US Tour….as this Rock N Roll legendary band has toured the world for 54 years….and that makes this video a virtual treasure worth watching at any time.

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