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NBA – 1986 – Intro To CBS Sports NBA Finals Game 1 Between Boston Celtics Vs Houston Rockets


During the decade of the 1980’s the NBA saw the Larry Legend vs Magic Show….as Larry Bird’s Celtics or Magic Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers were in the finals in every year of the decade…..winning 8 of the 10 years between the two….and all along the way…Brent Musburger has been the host of the NBA on CBS….while being joined by Pat OBrien, Dick Stockton, Tom Heinsohm, James Brown and Jim Nantz. 

This CBS intro to the 1986 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics verses the Houston Rockets….upset the normal “apple cart” …..as Houston’s Twin Towers of Akeem The Dream Olajuwon and Ralph Samson….which is again hosted by Brent Musburger, of course…. shows just how professional CBS Sports had become by the mid-1980’s.

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