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NBA – 1987 – NBA Finals Game 3 Lakers Vs Celtics Halftime With Brent Musburger + Coach Frank Layden

The guest for this NBA At the Half show with CBS’ Brent Musburger is Utah Jazz Coach Frank Layden (born January 5, 1932)….who today is a retired American basketball coach and executive of the National Basketball Association’s Utah Jazz.

In addition to his coaching at the professional level, Layden coached at Adelphi Suffolk College….and is also a former head coach and player of his alma mater Niagara University’s basketball team. Layden coached Niagara to its first NCAA tournament appearance in 1970….with the help of Calvin Murphy….the top scorer in NCAA basketball that year.  In 1976 he was hired to be an assistant coach with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks….while joining former Niagara teammate Hubie Brown.  In 1979 he was hired to be the general manager of the then New Orleans Jazz….while becoming their head coach in 1981….after replacing Tom Nissalke….where he coached the Jazz for the next 8 seasons.  He was instrumental in drafting and signing franchise mainstays John Stockton and Karl Malone to the club. He retired from coaching during the 1988–1989 NBA season….with the team at an 11–6 record….while  leading the Midwest Division, citing “pressure” and a general burnout from coaching….after which he moved into the team’s front office….and was replaced as coach by his assistant, Jerry Sloan.  “I think America takes all sports too seriously” Layden said after resigning….“Sometimes in the NBA, you feel like a dog. You age seven years in one. The pressure in the NBA is intense. It’s time to have my time.”   In his final game, Layden was ejected by referee Earl Strom after getting into a shouting match with Washington Bullets guard Darrell Walker.

In 1984, Layden was awarded the NBA’s Coach of the Year. That same season, he also won the NBA’s Executive of the Year and the NBA’s J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Awards….as he and Joe O’Toole are the only non-players in NBA history to win the award.

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