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NBA – 31st All Star Classic – Richfield Coliseum -Bird & Kareem & Dr. J & Iceman


The 31st edition of the NBA All Star Classic was held at Richfield Coliseum….an indoor arena located in Richfield Township, roughly halfway between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio….as these 1981 All Stars featured such acclaimed players on the East Squad as Larry Bird, Dr. J, Artis Gilmore, Michael Ray Richardson, Nate Archibald, Marques Johnson and Reggie Theus….while the West featured marquee players like Walter Davis, Adrian Dantley, Kareem Abdule Jabbar, Paul Westphal, Truck Robinson, Otis Birdsong, Robert Parrish. Jamaal Wilkes, Jack Sigma, Dennis Johnson and Bobby Jones.

As I reviewed this video again, I realized that many of the great NBA players that are showcased in the 31st NBA All Star Game…..are already being forgotten by current NBA fans….cuz in this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….nearly every one of these guys would be more than relevant in today’s game…..oh, of course Bird, Doc, Kareem and Malone would have been outstanding….but could you imagine Nate Archibald, Silk Wilkes, Walter Davis, Dennis Johnson and for that matter….Michael Ray Richardson….cuz can you imagine what kind of impact players many of these guys would be in today’s “fast-paced run and gun……firing off 3 pt shots like arrows in a cowboy and indians movie” game that is being played on the professional hardcourt today!?!

Anyway, it just seems to me that these All Stars deserve to be remembered for their talents and basketball prowess….which makes this video a wonderful look-back at an NBA All Star Classic that happened some 36 years ago…..while remembering that some things are just worth remembering.

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