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NBA – Special -NBA Ref Jess Thompson Helps 7 Yr Old Natalie Ross Sing Nathional Anthem


By the time this wonderful video of NBA referee Jess Thompson helping 7 year old Natalie Ross sing the National Anthem prior to a Philadelphia 76’ers game in the 1980’s is truly one of the best “nuggets of gold” in the Imasportsphile treasure chest of vintage content….for it shows the “better side” of folks involved in sports.

What has transpired since posting this video is of significant interest to we at Imasportsphile who have the daunting task of posting 2300 hours (11,000+ videos) on this site….cuz we have received comments from both of the participants in this video….as both Jess Thompson….the referee for the game who came to the aid of the young singer….along with Natalie Ross….the then 7 year old singer of the National Anthem….as both of these wonderful folks have left personal comments to say thanks for our posting of this video…..as Natalie Roth  commented “Hi! My friend showed me the video you uploaded on youtube of me singing the National Anthem. Where did you find the footage?”….while NBA referee Jess Thompson commented in much the same way as he acted on this prescious day by commenting…“I just did what any other person in my position of close proximity to young Natalie would have done…I just went over and helped her over a rough spot.”

Now how awesome is that!?!….not to mention how awesome it is to hear from two folks who participated in an event some 36 years ago….which just goes to provide evidence of just how wonderful the content that we are posting on this site.

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