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NCAA Football – 1984 – ABC Sports Halftime Texas Vs TCU – Texas Coach Fred Akers Halftime Speech


Each and every coach in each and every game of football….is faced with the challenge of what to say to his troops in the locker room at halftime….mostly because each 1st half of each game is different….and between the time that the teams depart the field at the end of the 1st half….to the time that the coach addresses the team at half….he has to decide on what he wants to accomplish in the 2nd half of play….and how he wants to go about motivating his team to accomplish the adjustments that each coach wants to make in the 2nd half. 

In this video herewith….Texas Head Coach Fred Akers goes about this halftime speech like he was making a presentation in a corporate board room…..while always having a positive tone and point to make about each adjustment he wants to make…..so, Coach Akers choice on the day against rival TCU…. was not to“kick ass and take names”….but rather to go about the process in a business manner…..calm, firm and positive.



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