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NCAA Football – 1985 – SWC Game Of Week – Texas Longhorns Vs TCU Horned Frogs – 3rd Qtr


I thought this would be a good place to give a little background to Bone Daddy’s tie to TCU….which came from Pops (his Dad) who was a walk-on guard for then Assistant Line Coach Abe Martin and Head Coach Dutch Meyer of the Horned Frogs in 1944 after coming out of the Navy….having been stationed at Pearl Harbor from before the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941 until his release from the military in early 1943.  Pops was a small offensive lineman (5’10” 168 lbs) with great blocking technique along with speed and strength off the ball….and although not a starter….he did play in three games his sophomore year at TCU….but his college career ended shortly after big brother, Lil W’s arrival in April of 1945…cuz Pops had to provide for his new family….which would eventually result in Los Tres Hermanos (Three Brothers) by September of 1949. 

Pops’ love of sports was the foundation for teaching his three sons the tenets of life….as he used educating his boys about life through playing and understanding the rules of many different sports….setting a firm foundation in “fair play”…..grasping the ideas that there are “good winners and good losers”….by encapsulating the concept of “getting oneself up after being knocked down…while dusting oneself off….and getting back into the fray of competition”….by learning to be a tough, hard-nosed competitor…..and by internalizing the comprehension that “it really isn’t about whether you win or lose….but more about how you played the game.”   With these cornerstones of education, Pops taught each of his three sons all they ever needed to know in order to conduct and garner a “good life”….no matter what path was chosen to travel down. 

So, when ever a video comes around that features the TCU Horned Frogs….it brings back many wonderful memories of an ex-TCU football player….who passed on to his 3 boys every lesson he had ever learned about life….all from his involvement and participation in sports.

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