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NCAA Football – 1986 – SWC Game Of Week – Texas Longhorns VS Texas A & M Aggies


There are two major university systems of higher education in the State of Texas….the University of Texas System….and the University of Texas A & M System….as both systems are considered among the best in the country in regards to education, research, technology, medicine and athletics.   

The Texas A&M University System is a state university system in  Texas….and is one of the state’s six independent university systems. 

The Texas A&M University System is one of the largest university systems in the United States….encompassing a statewide network of 11 universities….seven state agencies….two service units….and a comprehensive health science center….while educating more than 140,000 students….and reach another 22 million people through service each year. With more than 26,000 faculty and staff….the A&M System has a physical presence in 250 of the state’s 254 counties…. with a programmatic presence in every one. System-wide, externally funded research expenditures exceed $972 million.  

The System’s flagship institution is Texas A&M University in College Station….which showcases an Agricultural School that may actually find ways to meet the world’s growing food needs better than any other like institution.   

The University of Texas System (UT System) encompasses 14 educational institutions in the State of Texas….of which eight are academic universities and six are health institutions. The UT System is headquartered in Downtown Austin….and the UT System has a total enrollment of over 216,000 students (largest university system in Texas)….and employs more than 87,000 faculty and staff. The UT System’s $24 billion endowment (as of the 2016 fiscal year) is the largest of any public university system in the United States….as Reuters currently ranks The UT System among the top 10 most innovative universities in the world.   

All of this being true about these two incredible Texas higher education systems….there is no other State in these United States that compete with each other in so many ways as these two systems do within the great State of Texas than these two….especially on the gridiron….where almost a 100 years of facing off to do battle ended one of the great rivalries in all of sports in 2012….when the Aggies bolted to the SEC….leaving tradition unlike any other behind in the annals of these two outstanding Texas Systems.



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