NCAAF – 1983 – Special – Joe Namath Hosts A Tribute To Alabama Head Coach Paul Bear Bryant

There is probably not another head coach and individual player that have had more video and film produced about them…..or articles and books that have been written more about them…than The Bear (Coach Paul Bear Bryant) and Joe Willie (QB Joe Namath). 

  The Bear is a 1984 movie starring Gary Busey and Jon-Erik Hexum….in a film was written by Michael Kane, directed by Richard C. Sarafian and produced by James A. Hearn and Larry G. Spangler.  The Bear follows the life of Paul “Bear” Bryant (Busey), head coach of the University of Alabama football team…..with Jon-Erik Hexum playing Pat Trammell….along with Steve Greenstein playing Joe Namath…..as this full length feature film came out just one year after Bryant died in 1983.

Another example of this players’ and his coach’ relationship come out in Namath: From Beaver Falls to Broadway ….which is a 2012 documentary film focusing on Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath…..which was a project that Joe Willie was reluctant in joining….but subsequently stated his pleasure in doing so.  The film was produced by NFL Films and HBO….and aired on January 28, 2012. The film documents Namath’s early life in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania…..followed by his college football career at Alabama, with his relationship to Coach Bryant…..while the rest of the movie talked about Namath’s career with the New York Jets…..which is highlighted by his Super Bowl III win over the Baltimore Colts.

In this video herewith…..Broadway Joe Willie speaks of Coach Bear Bryant with a respect and reverence worthy of kings…..as Namath pays homage to the man who helped him become a legend in the land of The Great Bear.

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