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NCAAF – 1984 SWC Game of Week – Texas Longhorns vs Texas Tech Red Raiders – 2nd Half


Coming out for the 2nd half with a lead of 10 – 0 for the Texas Tech Red Raiders…..was definitely a potential huge upset in the making…..as the Longhorns were ranked # 2 in the country coming into their game with Tech….as the Red Raiders are notoriously “tough on their onw turf” at Jones Field in Lubbock, Texas.

The 2nd half of this game proved to be a re-run of the 1st half in which there was very little offense being generated by either team…..as both teams’s defense had come to play….and play they did in holding the opposing team’s offense to very little yardage gained on the field.

As this game continued to be a defensive struggle….the game proved to be a tremendous battle down in the trenches…..providing an outcome that continues to be well worth watching.

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