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NCAAF – 1985 – Halftime Special – Profile Of University Of Texas Honors Colloquium Program


Stiles Professor Elspeth Rostow  in American Studies and Government at the University of Texas at Austin provides a insightful overview of the Honors Colloquium  Program ….which takes place on campus each summer….whereby the school invites 600 graduating high school senior honor students….the brightest minds….to The University to provide an inside look at what potential opportunities await them at the program. …as we Longhorns understand that what makes a great university is the highest quality faculty….coupled with outstanding students. 

We at ImaSportsphile understand the reality that The University of Texas at Austin….and throughout the UT system…..can afford to have the highest quality faculty…..cuz they own oil fields in West Texas….which were pumping back when our Bone Daddy was a boy in the 1950’s…..and are still pumping today in 2018….and the reason it is a great school is because it is a rich school….maybe the richest.

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