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NCAAF – 1986 – Cotton Bowl Halftime – Players Of Year Awards + Highlights Of 50 Yrs Of Cotton Bowls

This halftime show from the 1986 Cotton Bowl Classic between the Texas A & M Aggies verses the Auburn Tigers…..was not only a game that featured the spectacular Heisman Trophy winning running back “Bo Knows Football” Jackson…..but also was the celebration for the 50th Cotton Bowl Classic….as this halftime also provided a “50 Year History” of the Cotton Bowl…..while being narrated by legendary sportscaster Lindsey Nelson…..who had called 26 of the 50 games played during the tenure of the great college football bowl game. 

Just a few of the indelible years and memories from the 50 years of the Cotton Bowl include:

             1937 – TCU’s QB Sammy Baugh leading the Horned Frogs to a 16 – 6 victory over Marquette                                                                                                   University

             1940 – Clemson Coach Frank Howard leading his Tigers to the Cotton Bowl for the only time in his                                                                                long 38 years career

             1943 – Texas University beats Georgia 14 – 7 in their 1st of 22 appearances in the Cotton Bowl

             1954 – Rice University’s running back Dickey Moegle being tackled by Alabama bench sitter                                        Tommy Lewis after breaking free down the sideline on his way to a touchdown.

             1957 – TCU defeating Syracuse University and their star running back Jim Brown, who rushed for                              135 yards, scored three touchdowns and kicked three extra points….but lost to the                                                                                                 Horned Frogs 

             1964 – Texas beats Navy and their Heisman Trophy winning QB Roger Staubach   

             1970 – Texas defeats Notre Dame 21 – 17 to win the NCAA College Football Championship 

             1979 – QB Joe Montana leads Notre Dame to a huge victory over University of Houston after                                                                                  trailing 34 – 12 in the 4th quarter. 

             1984 – Texas loses to Georgia by a score of 10 – 9 to lose the National Championship after going                                                                     undefeated during the regular season.


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