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NCAAF – 1987 – Cotton Bowl Texas A&M Vs Ohio State Halftime Show With Jim Nantz On Coaching Changes

This CBS At the Half of the 1987 Cotton Bowl Classic between the Texas A&M Aggies verses the Ohio State Buckeyes with host Jim Nantz….who immediately gets into the subject of coaching changes around the country….with the big story being Alabama Coach Ray Perkins jump to the Tampa Bay Bucs of the NFL….and that is when Nantz goes into NFL coverage of the Bears vs Redskins impending battle at RFK Stadium the following day…..with update of how The Hogs on Washington’s offensive line….featuring an interview with Hog # 1 Joe Jacoby. 

This video has a good run of tv commercials with the likes of MLB all time hits leader Pete Rose pushing a shampoo….cuz he’s such a good looking guy with a great head of hair…..then comes Chevy trucks….I mean, there is nothing besides baseball that is more American than that…..when those are followed by a message from the NCAA….as All American swimmer Matt Bondi reminds us all that an athlete just simply is not as good when they are “high on drugs”…..which was and still is a subject of “great controversy” even today in 2019….some 30 years later. 

Jim Nantz then introduces a piece called Magic Moments in 1986…..which provides college football lovers an incredible walk down memory lane…..with The Boz Brian Bozworth and his “big hits and brazen hair cuts”…..Vinnie Testaverde’s Heisman run…..Jim Harbaugh leading Michigan…..and Coach Ed Bruce at Ohio State…..with Lou Holtz at Notre Dame….for there is a lot of Magic Moments in those name alone….and there is so much more…..simply Memories  Memories  Memories.

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