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NCAAM – 1979 – Special – Two College Coaching Legends Talk Basketball – With Al McGuire + Abe Lemons

A.E. “Abe” Lemons was an American college basketball player and coach….who as a head coach at Oklahoma City University….Pan American University….and the University of Texas at Austin compiled a record of 594 – 343 in 34 seasons…..while leading his 1978 Longhorn team to the N. I. T. Championship.

Al McGuire was an American college basketball coach and broadcaster….who as the head coach at Marquette University from 1964 to 1977….lead his team to the NCAA National Championship in his final season at Marquette….and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1992….who was also well known as a longtime national television basketball broadcaster and for his colorful personality. 

The truth be known….Abe and Al were two of the most humorous coach to ever grace the hardcourts…..for saying they had colorful personalities would be a significant under statement…..as this video herewith provides ample evidence of these comedic characters.

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