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NCAAM Basketball – 1978 – N I T Semifinal Game – Rutgers Knights Vs Texas Longhorns 2nd Half


We have written often about the 1978 Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball Team….which was coached by our favorite coaching legend here at ImaSportsphile…the one and only A. E. “Abe” Lemons….and what I find when another Horns video roles to the front of the line to be posted….like this one herewith….and when that happens….we find that Bone Daddy still has another great “Abe Story” to tell….so, here’s todays’. 

So, regarding the business relationship that led to a great friendship….Abe and BD shook hands on a verbal agreement between the two (a contract beyond written paper between two West Texas boys (OK….one was actually west Oklahoma)….as there’s nothing held in higher regard in West Texas than your handshake….anyway, every Thursday during basketball season….Abe would come to Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas….to speak to any Longhorn fan who wanted to come…..and in return….Bone Daddy would allow Abe’s players to come eat at The Garden….plus pay Abe $100 per appearance…..and the process in which Abe preferred to be paid is the subject of today’s Abe Story.  

The day that Abe and BD shook hand to seal the deal….Abe ask that the cash be passed discreetly….to which BD, being the “street guy” that he was, asked Abe if he knew how to pass a C-note ($100 bill)….and that is when the original Sportsphile taught legendary coach Abe Lemons how to fold the bill that can be palmed like palming a basketball….and per BD…if done properly….it can never be seen during the act of passing. 

What a great story….and what a great team this group of Texas Lonhorns were….as Bone Daddy got to know all of them real well….for their stories will soon appear in my L E’s Stories section….as their talents as a cohesive team of individual talents makes them really enjoyable to watch. 

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