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NCAAM Basketball – 1978 – N.I.T. Semifinals – Texas Longhorns Vs Rutgers Knights – 2nd Half


Our original Sportsphile, Bone Daddy, was a frequent visitor of Texas Longhorns men’s basketball practice during the 1977-78 season….as that was when he would take Coach Abe Lemons the latest recorded game video of each future opponent that Abe’s team was going to face at some point in the future….as these videos were from live telecasts that had been previously aired on network or satellite television. 

Coach Lemons really appreciated having video of his opponents to watch….said it gave him a better idea of how to apply his famous “match-up zone defense” to each team….cuz when Abe talked basketball….Bone Daddy’s ears perked-up visibly.   

Abe Lemons always had shooters on his teams…heck, in his three seasons as coach of the University of Texas – Pan American…..his 1st recruit was Marshal Rodgers….who led the nation in scoring in 1976…..and at Texas, he recruited all four shooters of G Johnny Moore, G Jim Krivacs, F Ron Baxter and F Tyrone Branyon….who led the Horns for this 1978 season by trouncing all opposition on way to the N.I.T. Championship…. then led the Horns to the SWC Championship the next year in 1979. 

Anyway, Bone Daddy knew every Texas basketball player by what they liked to eat….Ron Baxter was “double chicken fried steak + dbl tater tots….with gravy over ALL OF IT.”….whereas Branyon was “fried oysters and large order onion rings”….Gary Goodner was “2 x MSG Special (dbl meat, dbl bacon, dbl cheese hamburger) with tater tots instead of fries” and so on….so, being that BD knew the art of razzing….he’d razz the players for being so slow cuz of what they ate at The Garden the night before. 

Videos like this bring back wonderful memories….which make this incredible exhibition of the game of basketball as played by a team…..as seen in this video herewith….cuz the Longhorns dismantled the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers….on both ends of the court….which was testament to the knowledge, cunny and creative approach to the game of basketball….for this 1978 University of Texas Longhorns men’s basketball team was something special….and well worth the watch any time any where.

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