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NCAAM Basketball – 1985 – CBS Preview NCAAM & NCAAW Tourney – Hosts Brent Musberger & Billy Packer


CBS has owned the television rights to the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament since 1982….as their lead broadcast team of Brent Musberger and Billy Packer became legends in the world of sports broadcasting as a result of their longtime work with CBS while leading their broadcast team all the way to the Final Four each year.  CBS typically have a special program that is dedicated to the selection of what is now. known as “Bracketology”….a monster in and of iteself…..whereby they would feature all the regional tournament seeds and and the key initial and impending matchups on the road to the Final Four.     In the Southeast Regionals of the 1985 NCAA tourney….. rose a cat of a different color that was magically and whimically guided by a most unique elf…..which eventually sat on the throne as NCAA Mens Basketball Nationl Champion…..as this video provides an interesting insight into just how many of CBS’s best pundits had anything to say about Coach Rollie Massimino and his Vilanova Wildcats.    

For that matter, back in the day in 1985….CBS also covered the NCAA Womens Basketball Tournament during their specils like this one seen herewith….and this particular year the Womens Final Four was held in Austin, TX…..home of Bone Daddy and many of the stories told within these pages.

The truth about Ima Sportsphile is that the videos don’t lie….but sports provides space for “those that believe in themselves” to excell….as so called experts overlook what is in the heart of a collegiate athlete…and when that kind of environment is provided….you just never know what is going to happen….that is why there are Sportsphiles like me who love our site.

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