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NCAAM Basketball – 1985 – ESPN Special – Bracketology Regional Break-Downs – Dick Vitale + Bob Ley


There are three legends of sports broadcasting that started at ESPN back in the late 1970’s when the network first came on the air that were still working with ESPN in 2017….Chris Berman, Bob Ley and Dick Vitale….as ESPN provided the vehicle for these three to ascend to this legendary status….and two of them are featured in this video herewith.

Dick Vitale, also known as Dickie V has been the face and voice of men’s college basketball for ESPN for dang near 40 years now….and his enthusiasm for the game has never waned one little bit that whole time…..after starting with the network in 1979. As you see him in this 1985 video….it is the same “Vitale character” that we see today….with excitement in his voice every time he sees another “diaper dandy, BABY” type of freshman ball player, but just a little more subdued back in the day than he is today. He is known for catchphrases such as “this is awesome baby” and “diaper dandy” (outstanding freshman player)….as well as enthusiastic and colorful remarks he makes during games….and has authored nine books and appeared in several movies.

The other broadcasting legend is this video is Bob Ley….who started with ESPN three days after their launch in 1979….and is the longest-tenured employee currently with the network.  In 1980, Ley hosted the first televised NCAA Selection Show….although the airing would switch to CBS two years later. Today in 2018, Ley hosts ESPN’s investigative program “Outside the Lines”…. which he has hosted since its inception in 1990. He has hosted SportsCenter for much of his career at ESPN, and on August 9, 2004, he hosted an “old school” edition with longtime broadcasting partner Charley Steiner. 

This ESPN special break-down of the 1985 NCAA Tournament by region provides a wonderful look back to the days when Vitale and Ley were building their legacy and brand name at ESPN….plus 1985 featured some great college players like Len Bias, Ed Pinckney, Waymon Tisdale and so many more….which makes this video MUST SEE TV for any and all NCAA men’s basketball fans. 

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