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NCAAM Basketball – 1985 – Midwest Region Semi-Finals – Boston College Eagles VS Memphis State Tigers


This 1985 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament Midwest Region Semifinal Game between the Boston College Eagles coached by Gary Williams verses the Memphis State Tigers coached by Dana Kirk was played on Friday, March 22 at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas.  

The Eagles of Boston College had finished the season with a record of 20 – 11….who were led by G Michael Adams (15.3 pts 3.3 reb 5.2 ast s), F Roger McCready (14.8 pts 4.8 reb 1.0 ast) and G Dominic Pressley (104 pts 3.0 reb 2.4 ast)….and had beaten Texas Tech (55 – 53) and Duke (74 – 73) in the Midwest Region on their way to a 59 – 57 loss to the Memphis State Tigers in this semifinal thriller seen herewith.

The Memphis State Tigers had finished the season with a record of 31 – 4…..who were led by F Keith Lee (19.7 pts 9.2 reb 1.2 ast), C William Bedford (12.2 pts 7.6 reb 0.9 ast), G Andre Turner (11.4 pts 2.3 reb 6.6 ast), F Baskerville Holmes (9.6 pts 5.9 reb 1.3 ast) and G Vincent Askew (8.3 pts 3.3 reb 4.9 ast)….as this team was well rounded and loaded with talent….as they beat Penn University (67 – 55) and UAB (67 – 66) on their way to their 57 – 55 victory over Boston College in the semifinals….followed by a win over Oklahoma (63 – 61) on their way to the final four  

When it comes to NCAA Mens Basketball….it seems like CBS has had the rights to telecast the NCAA Tournament every year forever….but really since 1982…so, I guess for those basketball fans under the age of 35 years old….it is forever….but the truth be told….there have only been three (3) sports netweorks to televise the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament….SNI (Sports Network Incorporated) brought what is now known as March Madness from 1963 to 1968…..then NBC Sports brought the tournament from 1969 to 1981….as CBS picked March Madness up and turned it into what is known as Bracketology in the world of televised sports.

This CBS Sports coverage of the 1985 Midwest Regional Semifinals features a broadcast crew of Frank Glieber and a young James Brown….long before NFL broadcast fame on NFL Sunday with Terry, Howie, Jimmie and Michael notoriety…..who most recently has moved to be with Dan, Boomer, Sterling and Mooch over at NFL Today….as it is always fun to see “top-shelf sports broadcasters of today”….where they were back in the day.

This Midwest Region Semifinal game was a hard fought, tough defensive battle that provided lots of entertainment on both ends of the court by both squads….and is well worth watching.

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