NCAAM – CBS Special – Highlights Of 50 Years At The Final Four – Part 2


This CBS Special provides incredible highlights of the first 50 years of the Final Four at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament….a tournament that has become tremendously popular and known as March Madness….as these highlights are guaranteed to bring back awesome memories for those of us who have followed the tournament religiously in March each year.  March Madness has become so widely popular by the time the 2016 NCAA Tournament rolled around….that its interest has generated an estimated 15 million brackets being filled out and posted on a national ESPN web site….in anticipation of picking the teams to move through the brackets to the coveted Final Four on April 2 – 4 in Houston, Texas.  

In all my years as a developing Sportsphile….I have never seen a better view of the first 50 years at the Final Four…..than provided in this video.


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