NCAAM – Special – Sports Dynasty – Coach John Wooten & The UCLA Bruins – Part 2


One of the more incredible epics in sports history….was Coach John Wooden’s UCLA basketball dynasty from (1964 – 1975)….cuz over a 12 years span from the 1964 season through the 1975 season…..opposing teams saved their best for UCLA….yet the Bruins amassed a 335 – 22 record….posting 10 out of 12 NCAA Championships….recording 44 of 45 NCAA Tournament games won…..with 4 unbeaten seasons….2 of them back to back….with 3 one loss seasons…..while winning 107 out of 108 games during one stretch….including winning 88 straight games….and for 7 years, the Wooten led Bruins never lost a game they had to win….now, if that is not a dynasty….then this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile doesn’t know what is.

I have some wonderful stories to share with you in future postings about Coach Wooten…..as he and his genius touched many people all over the world….even folks close to Bone Daddy….cuz here was a coach that not only taught all these young men how to win national titles….yes, that’s a fact…..but more important than becoming champions (10 out of 12 years)…..Coach Wooden taught the men how to conduct their lives….for the rest of their lives…..and to this day in 2016…..the men’s college basketball game has never seen the likes of John Wooten again…..and as it was when he quit coaching some 41 years ago….the college game will most likely never see one like him again.





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