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NCAAW Basketball – 1986 – Womens Finals – Texas Lady Longhorns Vs USC Women Of Troy – 1st Half


Lady Longhorns coaching legend Jody Conradt became the head coach of the women’s program at UT in Austin in 1976….which just happened to be the same year another college coaching legend started his career as head coach ot the Texas Longhorns….and the truth be known….they both inherited programs that were in shambles.   

Since Bone Daddy was working with Abe by promoting a weekly in-season Lunch With Abe noon buffet at Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E. 6th Street in Austin, TX….he would frequently go to Coach Lemons office….typically to give Abe the newest video that Bone Daddy recorded of Coach’s future oponents….some film to study, as BD even let Abe borrow one of his Sony Betamax recorders to watch the tapes….where during these visits he would often see Coach Conradt….after meeting her one day in Abe’s office.        

In the 1985 NCAA tournament….the Lady Longhorns lost a heartbreaking game to Western Kentucky 92–90….ending the Lady Horns run at a National Title….however, watching the game was highly recruited Clarissa Davis….who had not yet decided where to go to school….but watching the crushing loss gave her resolve to go to Texas…..and help them the following year….as seen in this video herewith… Texas would win the national championship with the first undefeated women’s season….with a record of 34–0….and although Davis wasn’t a starter on the team….she ended up earning the tournament’s most valuable player award.

So, long story shortened….at least for today….our Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile….got to rub shoulders with two coaches who used their time a Texas to etch their ability and talents as coaches to take them both to the halls of college basketball legends….which makes each and every UT basketball video like this one that we post here today….very near and dear to our hearts….cuz Bone Daddy was truly blessed as a person who loves sports….to be taught by one of the great basketball minds to come out of the Southwest part of the country…..but also a man who was given the talent to make folks laugh…as BD says he would go search out Abe when he needed to laugh…..so, videos like this one bring back lots of fond memories told to us all many times. ENJOY!!!

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