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NCAAW Basketball – 1986 – Womens Midwest Region Finals – Texas Vs Ole Miss – 3rd Qtr


The 1986 University of Texas Lady Longhorns basketball team is a team of history that occupies very rare space in sports….as this bunch of over-achieving athletes under the direction of legendary basketball coach Jody Conradt….were the first team to experience perfection in a season….after going undefeated in 34 straight games on their way to the Women’s NCAA National Championship.   

Along the path to perfection….those who accomplish it…have always paid the price required by perfection….which is really difficult to achieve in sports…or anything for that matter….cuz it requires not only  a lot of skill, dedication, commitment, tenacity and sacrifice….but the ingredient that is missing from this list is LUCK….for the truth is that skill, dedication, commitment, tenacity and sacrifice can all be controlled by those on preparing for perfection….but LUCK is just the way the cards fall in life….there is good luck and there is bad luck….cuz like all things in life….you can have a top site without having a bottom side.   

This 1986 coach and group of women had their fair share of luck on the way to perfection…and a yardstick for all women’s basketball teams to follow in the future….which makes this video priceless…cuz this Ole Miss team proved to be a worthy test for the Lady Horns.   

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