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NCAAW Basketball – 1987 – National Championship Game – USC Women Of Troy Vs Texas Lady Longhorns


Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile….talks often of this love for basketball….men’s and women’s….but paying attention to women’s basketball didn’t happen until BD got to college at the University of Texas….partly because women’s basketball back in the day from 1950 to 1965, wasn’t really the same game as the one he grew up playing (the game played by both men and women today in 2018)….for the women played “half-court basketball”….whereby each competing women’s basketball team had an offensive unit of three players that played ONLY when their team was on  offense….along with a defensive unit (3 players) that played ONLY when their team was on defense…..so, you basketball fans understand that this format creates a different game….with their players only developing offensive or defensive skills….not both….and basketball is a game that allows both offensive and defensive skill sets to be developed….which are necessary in today’s fast-pace game.   

By the time Bone Daddy opened Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E.6th Street in 1977….he started to become a HUGE Lady Longhorn basketball fan….cuz basketball coaching legend, Jody Conradt….was at the helm of women’s basketball at the University of Texas at Austin, TX for her 1st year in 1976….and because her teams were “consistently top-shelf NCAA national quality teams”….who were getting TV exposure by the early 1980’s….so, by the time this game came to be….the Lady Longhorns expected to be in the conversations as the best nationally ranked EVERY year. 

Bone Daddy remembers this night vividly….as The Garden was packed with Lady Longhorn fans….where the women in the crowd outdraw the men in the crowd by 10 to 1…..talk about a great Ladies Night…..plus BD says that a predominantly “women’s crowd “can do four (4) things better than a predominantly “men’s crowd”…..BE LOUDER THROUGHOUT THE GAME….CALL THE REFS NAMES….and DRINK BEER….yep, as he says it is a sure bet that a raucous “women’s crowd” can out-drink a raucous “men’s crowd”….for on this night when Jody Conradt’s team won the National Championship…..while polishing-off a 35 – 0 undefeated season…..the Lady Longhorn fans celebrated their 1st National Title until closing time….and floated 40 kegs of beer (16 gallon barrels). 

So, you can see why this video….where this very special undefeated Lady Longhorns basketball team undeniably put their “stamp of dominance” on the USC’s Women of Troy….and their best player in the nation, Cheryl Miller, in her final game after 4 years of being an All – American and 2 years of being national champion….for this video is an absolute “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage video here at ImaSportsphile….cuz every time we see or think about this video….it brings back some really really fine memories of Bone Daddy and MSG.

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