News – 1984 – KVUE Ch 24 News – With Pat Comer + Weather With Troy Kimmell


This 1984 KVUE Channel 24 News Brief with Pat Comer at the news desk and legendary Austin weatherman Troy Kimmel….who is still bringing the news some 24 years later in 2018….as this News Brief took place during ABC’s coverage of the 1984 Olympics….so, this particular video has a “double barrel shotgun” effect of emotions….cuz Bone Daddy and I have seen many KVUE news pieces that included Pat Comer and Troy Kimmel….as Kimmel was a customer at Bone Daddy’s sports bar, Madison Square Garden, during the time this video was recorded….plus, BD also not only was at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games…..but he also was part of Tres Amigos de Olympianda….a group of two serious sports fans and one beyond serious Sportsphile….who set an Olympic fan record that can NEVER be broken….only tied…..as Los Tres Amigos saw a live event in all 26 sports that were competed for in at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

This particular KVUE New Brief features newsman Pat Comer covering a local Austin story of an ongoing feud between a home owner whose property is adjacent to a new condominium development…..and then comes Troy Kimmel with the weather. 

So, simply put….this video brings back a lot of phenomenal memories for those of us here at ImaSportsphile….especially Bone Daddy….like having a cold one with weatherman Troy Kimmel while watching Abe Lemons Texas Longhorns play basketball….and while having basketball conversations with Kimmel, Coach Abe and Coach Barry Dowd (Abe’s Assistant Head Coach) after a Thursday session of Lunch with Abe at Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E. 6th St…..which hold so many memories in and of itself….and when you couple that with Bone Daddy “magic carpet ride” at the 1984 Olympics….and you’ve got a couple of pockets full of great memories for us.   

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