News – 1985 – NBC Nightly News Special Report – With Tom Brokaw – Egyptian Airliner Hijacking


It never ceases to amaze me how often that things change….there are always some things that just don’t change…..and this video provides the viewer with examples of both those things that change….and those that don’t. 

Regarding things that change….how about the approach to this news piece that NBC’s Tom Brokaw delivers the news of the hijacking of the Egyptian airliner….which took place during a Republican US President’s time (Ronald Reagan) in office….as he reports on White House Deputy Press Secretary’s press release surrounding the event…..when Brokaw is respectful and supportive of the President Reagan’s response to the incident….without interjecting any political barbs at the President.  Now, fast forward to 2017….when Brokaw still occasionally appears on NBC for expert commentary…while covering a story about US President Trump’s response to terrorist attacks on US soil….where all of a sudden….the commentary coming out of Brokaw is politically motivated….which certainly doesn’t support or respect the decisions of the Republican President. 

Regarding things that don’t change….how about the news reports regarding acts of terrorism that makes the news….for all things regarding terrorism back in the day….they were “Special Reports”….rarely in the news….and not the “hourly update” news that terrorism consumes in 2018…..so, what becomes glaringly obvious….even to a lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….is that the politics or the politicians DID NOTHING to help the relationship between Palestine and Israel as 2018 gets underway….so, things haven’t changed any for the good in the past 33 years.   

So, the question becomes seems to once again be….will history repeat itself? 

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