News – 1986 – CNNs Nightly News – Featuring The Bald Eagle & Russian Spy Systems


This 1986 CNN Headline News clip features two main cover stories…..with one by correspondent Jonathan Powers…. regarding a  private research company in Oklahoma who are in process of hatching bald eagles in order to insure that the American national bird never goes extinct in the southern part of the United States.  The second news feature in this CNN news clip is regarding claims between Russia and the US that the other has systems in place that allow each to spy on each other….while meddling in each others affairs. 

Isn’t it amazing how some things just never change….which makes a comparison to what’s in the news today in 2017….even more ludicrous….but truth be known, it is news that sells….cuz the fact remains that the American bald eagle is still an endangered specie….and Russia and America are poaching in each others back yards as the world approaches 2018.

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