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News – 1986 – KVUE Ch 24 Austin NewsBrief – On Summit Between USA President Reagan + USSR Gorbachov


Despite getting unexpectedly close to the potential elimination of all nuclear weapons….this meeting between US President Ronald Reagan and USSR General Secretary adjourned with no agreement…. however, both sides discovered the extent of the concessions the other side was willing to make…. as human rights became a subject of productive discussion for the first time.  An agreement by Gorbachev to on-site inspections….which was a continuing American demand which had not been achieved in the Partial Test Ban Treaty of 1963….or the ABM and SALT I pacts of 1972….which constituted a significant step forward.  Despite its apparent failure of the summit….participants and observers have referred to the summit as an enormous breakthrough….which eventually facilitated the INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty), signed at the Washington Summit on 8 December 1987.

Is it just me….or do we see history repeating itself today…..as US President Trump is currently at the G20  Conference where he is supposed to sit down with Russian President Putin regarding the possibility of Russia and the USA structuring the international agreement for nuclear missiles….or what….so, I guess we can in fact support the concept that history does repeat itself.


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