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News – 1987 – CNNs Anthony Collings On Russian Vs USA Spy Games Claims & Espionage Charges

It is always a source of amazement at how times change so much…..but things stay the same…..even after nearly 47 years have passed ….for although change is the ONLY true constant in life…..it remains an unlikely fact that some things never really change all that much….like the “spy games” played between the Russians and the Americans….which is the subject of this CNN news brief with Anthony Collings. 

Just like it was in 1960’s. 1970’s and 1987….when this news piece was aired on CNN….the Russians have been spying on the USA …..and the Americans have been spying on the Russians….for it doesn’t matter if it is Russian Leader Mikhail Gorbechov in the mid- 1980’s or Vladimir Putin in 2019….or whether it is USA President Ronald Reagan in the mid- 1980’s or Donald Trump in 2019…..the Russians and the Americans are still conducting “spy games with espionage claims” in 2019.

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