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NFL – 1934 To 1982 – Special – NFL FIlms Presents – Greatest Games Ever Played


NFL Films has produced so many wonderful films regarding the history of the NFL….from the Men Who Played the Game series….to the Great Teams Great Years series….to the Greatest Games Ever Played series et al….and ImaSportsphile has more than its fair share of these awesome film productions within the pages of our football section. 

This NFL FIlms production of The NFL’s Greatest Games features one of the two best “narration voices” ever to grace the soundtrack of a film or video about the NFL….as John Doremus puts his touch of eloquence and elegance to this particular video seen herewith….as Doremus and John Facenda….who both were used generously in NFL Films produced….rate as the very best voices of narration with those of us here at ImaSportsphile. 

John Doremus guides the viewer gracefully through a collage of 5 particular games out of 7,000 NFL contests from 1934 to 1982 that NFL FIlms considered as The NFL’s Greatest Games….which included a frozen field NFL Title Game in 1934 between George Halas’ Chicago Bears verses Steve Owens’ New York Giants….where Owens sent a runner to Manhattan College to get basketball sneakers for his Giants’ team at halftime….which allowed “sure footing” to turn the tide of the game in the 2nd half….then there was the 1951 League Championship Game between Los Angeles Rams vs the New York Yanks….where the game set a NFL record that has stood for 67 years….when the Rams totaled 735 yards for most ever gained in one game by a team….then there was the 1958 sudden death overtime NFL Championship Game between the New York Giants verses the Baltimore Colts….which is generally referred to as The Greatest Game Ever Played….then came the 1960 League Championship Game between the Baltimore Colts verses the Detroit Lions….when the Colts were going for their 3rd Championship in a row….while Lions’ QB Earl Morrall connected on a last second Hail Mary Pass after the Colts Art Donovan had picked up a penalty for kicking a Lion in the face with 6 seconds to play….with the final game of this The NFL’s Greatest Games film being the 1982 1st Round Playoff Game between Coach Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins verses the San Diego Charges of Coach “Air Coryell”….which featured the famous “flea flicker” pass play that is practiced by every football team on every level….as well a used on the playground in many a “pick-up game” for as long as football has been played. 

Any way you cut the pie….if you are an NFL fan….especially if you are a fan of “old school football”….this video which is chocked full of awesome “old school highlights” is simply MUST SEE TV!!!

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