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NFL – 1946 To 1971 – NFL Films – Like Cavemen In Cleat – With The Steelers As The Most Conspicuous Losers

It is our opinion at Imaportsphile that NFL Films set the Gold Standard for sports films….as father Ed Sabol and son Steve…. set a precedence in filming a live sporting events that still revered in the universe of sports today in 2019.  When you couple the filming genius of the Sabol family with the voices of the men they chose to narrate their films….such as Harry Kalas, John Facenda and Jeff Kaye…..then it becomes easy to understand why we hold NFL Films in such high regard. 

This video which highlights the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1946 to 1971….before they won 5 Super Bowls during the 1970’s…..aptly depicts the Steelers as being like cavemen in cleats…..rough and tumble with no finesse….a mean tough defense and no offense. 

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