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NFL – 1960 To 1990 – NFL Films Intro To NFL Crunch Course – With Narrator Jeff – Name Of Game is Hit


i have written often about my belief that Ed + Steve Sabol at NFL Films set the gold standard for filming sports…..and then taking their footage …. and producing a film that is as enjoyable on the eye…..as it is pleasing to the senses….for they captured the art of professional football like no other….as this video seen herewith so aptly evidences.

There have been many great voices to narrate NFL Films productions….but none better than John Facenda….the voice of God of Football….and Jeff Kaye, the voice heard on this video….for both of their work were masterful pieces of art….in perfect harmony with the masterful filming and photography. What I love most about this video is that it gives the best coaches perspective of why the name of the game is HIT….and to hear each different coach put his little touch on what that means….makes this video a piece of “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories.  And best of all….there are some GREAT HITS in just waiting to be seen.


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