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NFL – 1966 – Curt Gowdy Remembers NBC And CBS Both Covering Super Bowl 1 With Packers Vs Chiefs

If there ever was a “wanna be professional athlete”….it was renowned sports journalist and author, George Plimpton…..who was by our estimation probably a Sportsphile too….for he was a decent athlete at more than a handful of sports….but not good enough to get any where near the professional ranks in any of the sports he was capable of playing….but he was an outstanding sports journalist…..who simply know how to conduct an interview with those who were truly great and of legendary status at their particular disciplines. 

The interview in this video herewith just goes to prove that Plimpton was more than capable of discussing any subject with legendary sportscaster Curt Gowdy…..who had basically “been there and done that” when it came to discussing what were his most memorable moments and events during his decades of broadcasting events for various major networks throughout his illustrious career….for in this moment….he remembered the heads-up battle with CBS for viewing audiences during the ONLY super bowl to be covered by two major networks.

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