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NFL – 1978 – Special – The Blocked Punt + NCAA Bowl Game Predictions + Paul Warfield Tribute


This 1978 CBS Sports special hosted by the NFL Today crew of Brent Musburger, Irv Cross and Jimmy the Greek Snyder provides an inside look at the blocked punt in the NFL….and how faster athletes have changed the game and dynamics of blocked punts….as it is interesting to learn that 96% of all blocked punts are because someone missed their block. 

Musburger then tosses the mike to Jimmy The Greek Snyder….who gives his predictions of the upcoming 1978 NCAA Bowl season games…..and this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile has to say….I liked The Greek a lot….for he was a well respected book and line maker all throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. 

The video then shifts to an NBC Sports program with Brian Gumble covering Dallas Cowboy vs L A Rams highlights in front of their upcoming game in the 1978 Playoffs….which is followed by a HBO program called The Greatest of the Greats profile of the career of Miami Dolphins WR Paul Warfield and his impact of the championship teams.  There is some really good stuff on this short video….which is worth watching by any fan of the NFL.


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