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NFL – 1979 – MNF Howard Cosell Highlights Best Games Of The Week – With Bears + Steelers + Pats


When I get to a chance to listen to any sporting event that is broadcast by Howard Cosell….the event just seems to be a little more exciting….with an energy that makes you want to get into whatever sport that Cosell would bring…..where the words of Howard were the kind that made you want to hear more….so, each piece of Cosell’s work that we have here  at  ImaSportsphile are beloved “nuggets of gold”  in our treasure chest of memories. 

This Monday Night Football game….which I can’t exactly say that I know who was playing that night….but these 1979 NFL game highlights are priceless….and with Howard Cosell on the call…..this is REALLY GOOD STUFF!!!…..and as a Sportsphile…..the Cosell’s….Gowdy’s….Jackson’s….McKay’s….et al…..they all just had this wonderful gift to express what was happening in the event they were calling in such a way….all word merchants….who could paint a picture through a mike.


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