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NFL – 1980 – NBC Special – Super Bowl XV – Road To New Orleans – Eagles Vs Raiders – Part 1


This 1980 NBC Sports Special was their two hour program showcasing the 1980-81 NFL season leading up to Super Bowl XV at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana….which was to be played on January 25, 1981 between the Oakland Raiders verses the Philadelphia Eagles. 

NBC Sports featured Brian Gunble, Mike Adamle, Pete Axethelm and Bob Trumpy covering various interesting subject pieces surrounding this lead-up to Super Bowl XV including a inspirational story of Carl Joseph, a one-legged athlete from birth who just completed his high school career with 13 letters in major sports throughout his four years in a New Orleans high school…..plus an intriguing piece on compulsive gambling with an interview with a person who is afflicted with this addiction…..which was also followed by an very interesting piece on ticket scalping and “ladies of the night” who were working the streets of New Orleans during Super Bowl Week. 

Bone Daddy and sports event travelling companion, Prince of Pleasure, embarked from Austin, Texas just before 12 midnight on Friday, January 23….with destination New Orleans as their target for another memorable “magic carpet ride” in Bone Daddy’s custom van….which was appropriately named “The No Tell Motel”…..having hit the road to the Crescent City with no hotel rooms reserved and no tickets for the game….which wasn’t uncommon for these two merry sojourners of live sporting events.  This trip and this game was so incredible….that I have written seven stories about the trip that will be published in our  L E’s Stories section here at ImaSportsphile…..but suffice to say….the boys arrived in New Orleans with pockets full of cash….cuz they had to find a good scalper for tickets to the game…..and since there were no hotel rooms to be had any where close to the Superdome and the action in the French Quarter…..they took up residence for the weekend at Lucky Pierre’s world famous establishment…..which makes all videos dealing with the subject of Super Bowl XV…..“pure gold” in our ImaSportsphile video museum of vintage memories. 

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