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NFL – 1980 – NBC Special – Super Bowl XV – Road To New Orleans – Eagles VS Raiders – Part 1


Anything and everything that has to do with Super Bowl XV is very special to those of us at Ima Sportsphile….for this was one of the truly greatest trips that Bone Daddy and his live sports sojourning companion, the Prince of Pleasure, would ever take.  The stories that came back from New Orleans, LA after a weekend spent in The Crescent City are plentiful enough to write an entire book….for what about 55 hours in actual time….which seemed like a lifetime of tales packed into what was just a little over two days.   

The Boys from Texas left Austin, TX just before midnight on Friday, January 23, 1980 in Bone Daddy’s decked-out custom van better known as The No Tell Motel….heading Southeast on Highway 290E and connecting with IH10 just outside Houston….with a direct bead on Bajou Country and some of the best eating in the world in Naulins, Louisiana.    

Magic started to happen when the perfect parking place for the No Tell Motel showed up just around the corner adjacent to Bourbon Street and a half-block from their “home base destination for Super Bowl XV” which just happen to be Lucky Pierre’s….as the van never moved until it was time to return to Austin.  Simply put, Lucky Pierre’s was the best sports bar and restaurant as compliments to the finest “house of ill repute” certainly in New Orleans….and to Bone Daddy and Prince of Pleasures’ way of thinking….in the whole world….for these guys had a special relationship with the proprietor, Lucky.  However, these are stories for another post….but suffice to say….this magical carpet ride to The Crescent City for Super Bowl XV has some 9 different stories that just support Bone Daddy’s belief that MAGIC HAPPENS….as I will post these stories in my L E’s Stories section in the near future.   

This video provides the viewer with  NBC Sports pre-game production of The Road to New Orleans features Bryant Gumbel, Bob Costas hosting the program….while Mike Adamle provides a look into the mentality of the Oakland and Philadelphia players and fans perspective….Bob Trumpy featuring a truly inspirational athlete named Carl Joseph….who earned 13 high school sports letters while performing on only one leg….which is followed by a Pete Axthelm piece providing an interesting view of gambling in football….along with what is the difference between a police bust on gambling verses a bust on prostitution.  

A favorite short feature of mine in this video is the piece done by Bob Costas regarding noteable athletes like Joe Namath, L C Greenwood, Mean Joe Greene and Steelers Terry Bradshaw, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert and kicker Matt Bahr trying to get their lines down correctly for filming a TV commercial.

Any way you cut the pie….this NBC pre-game production to Super Bowl XV is well worth the watch….with great highlights from The Road to New Orleans….player interviews and production pieces….is well worth the watch….as it brings back some really good memories.

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