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NFL – 1980 – NFL Films – Men In The Middle – The Story Of The NFL Center

When the pickup game of sandlot football is in the process of picking teams and positions…..seemingly every time, the last position filled is center…..cuz very few have ever said “I wanna play center”….except when there is no other position to be filled.  However, the center is one of the most important positions on the football field….for there is NEVER a play that is executed without the center snapping the ball….be it an offensive or defensive play.

This video provides the inter-workings of playing the center position in the NFL….while canvasing many of the men who play the position for their assessment of the value of each center on every team…..as NFL Films great Harry Kalas provides the impeccable narrative about  position that most footballs don’t grow up wanting to play. 

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